Exam Centre

If you are unsure about anything relating to your exams and particularly if you think you have been incorrectly entered please talk to Mrs Barnes, Exams Officer, as soon as possible for help and advice.

For those of you who attend the 6th Form Centre Mrs Barnes is usually there on Wednesday mornings 9.30am-12.45pm to deal with any queries but of course if you have any concerns arrangements can be made to meet at a suitable time to discuss these.

If you attend the North Suffolk Skills Academy please contact Mrs Barnes to arrange for her to call in to meet with you.The main thing to remember is not to keep any worries bottled up but ideally contact Mrs Barnes or failing that your Head of House/Assistant Head of House or indeed any teacher , so that the situation can be assessed and appropriate support can be offered within the bounds of the exam regulations.

All exams information such as times and venues of the exams and seating plans will be posted on the Exam Noticeboard and House noticeboards in good time for students to be able to check where they should be and which seat they should sit in.  On the main school site, students with Access Arrangements should go to the SEN room for their seating arrangements.

The Exams Office is situated next to the lift in the main school building.  Mrs Barnes can be contacted via the following routes:

Telephone: 01986 892140 Ext 148

Exams Mobile: 07860595474

Email: cbarnes@bungayhigh.co.uk

Don’t forget to make sure you bring all the equipment you require with you to the exam room.  Water is allowed but this must be in a clear plastic bottle with a sports top.  Food is not allowed in the exam room.

Exam Technique

Revision Guidance Tips

 Activities in the library at breaktime.