Are you the next Poet Laureate, Oscar winning actress, famous fashion designer, world renowned musician, novelist or artist ?

At Bungay High School we offer a wealth of opportunities to help our students develop their creativity. Our annual School productions, offer all participants the chance to develop their individual talents; be they singing, dancing, acting.
Drama lessons for all Year 7 – 9 students are used to improve communication skills, allowing students to express themselves in different forms. Our very successful Art department allows students the chance to develop their artistic talents, with frequent exhibitions of their work being displayed in the local community.

We have a wide range of music lessons and extra-currricular music clubs on offer. These range from choir to rock band to violin and drum lessons. Our new word of the week encourages all to be creative with words. Can you include quintessential and discombobulated in your writing and conversations this week ? Can you include the words of the week in a short story to win our Writing competition ?
The list goes on : poetry competitions, designing clothes in textiles, trying out new hairstyles at the NSSA, developing recipe ideas in Food Technology, designing virtual formula 1 racing cars at STEM club ….
Have a go, try something different, be creative here at Bungay High school.