Bungay High School opens the door to a world of experiences.

Our horizons at Bungay High extend far beyond East Anglia. We think it is essential to be aware of the world around us and we take every opportunity to establish international connections.

We have a link to a French-speaking catholic school in Senegal, with whom we have exchanged teachers, and we run a project that enables our students to work alongside other students in Europe.

Our ski trips to Austria not only provide a physical challenge, but also open our minds to other cultures and provide a chance to practice our foreign languages. Those qualifying for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award in recent years have had the chance to join expeditions to Ecuador, Borneo and Nicaragura. We have run exchange trips to France to experience life in another country and educational trips to Belgium, France, Holland, Iceland and Germany.

Open the door to the world at Bungay High School!