Having great skills will equip you for a great life. Of course the qualifications our students gain through studying at school are vital and ensure that all the doors are open for you when you leave school – access to VI Form courses, or Further Education at College, and further down the line University, Apprenticeships and the working world are all dependent on gaining the appropriate qualifications. But at Bungay High School we believe there is more to equipping our students for life than qualifications alone, there are so many other skills you can gain which will be really valuable to you. Playing sport, getting involved in a drama or music production, or joining one of our lunchtime clubs are great ways to gain team-working skills while you build up your skills in the sport or activity which you enjoy. Joining our School Council or providing information to help younger students in your Tutor group will help you develop your communication skills, and help you when you attend meetings at work. Taking part in a school trip will broaden your horizons and help you become independent and confident.

All the way through life you will be building up skills, through a mixture of education and experiences – and it all starts here!