In August a summer school was hosted at Bungay High School. Students from our feeder schools were selected to participate in three days of fun and learning around the theme of Harry Potter.  Incorporated into English and Maths lessons, the would-be wizards spent two days in school where they spent time studying the art of wizardry, including spells and wand making. Afternoons were fun-filled as the student wizards were able to create and make their own wands and present their magical ideas in front of their fellow students. The fun continued when students had to complete a series of physical and fast-paced challenges, which had everyone cheering and working in teams – building friendships, and demonstrating a willingness to work cooperatively.

The final day was an amazing trip to the Harry Potter Studios in London. Although a long day the would-be wizards were able to experience the world of Harry Potter including: a tour around some of the original sets which have been recreated exactly how they are seen in the films, the opportunity to have a go at copying the moves the characters make when they use their wands, look inside the original Hogwarts Express and push a baggage trolley through the wall on the platform too!

The three day experience offered the students an opportunity to have fun but, more importantly’ to spend time familiarising themselves with the school environment, experiencing high school lessons, engaging with other students, making new friends and building confidence ready for the new academic year.

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