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Further updates from Mr Goduti will be posted here. Please check regularly. 

COVID-19 – School Information Updates 

Dear Bungay High School Community

We hope you are well during this difficult and unsettling period of time. We would like you to please check this page regularly. It will be updated as new information from the school and government becomes available.

Most importantly, we want to ensure that every student in our school is able to access support if they are unsafe, distressed or know of somebody feeling this way. Should you be concerned about an individual or you are a student who needs to speak to us about a safeguarding matter, please click here. Parents can click here for the Safeguarding letter to parents.

New Updates 

Results day information
GCE Students Site Plan for Results Collection
GCSE Students Site Plan for Results Collection
Results Day Procedures at Bungay High School for Summer 2020

English work update 20/07/2020

If you do not have access to Show My Homework and have received paper copies of English work, there is a final task that you can request this week. Please either email abeeton@bungayhigh.co.uk or telephone the front office by Wednesday.

Update for Parents/Carers and Students 10/7/20

Please could you click here for a copy of the recent update from Mr Goduti (10/7/20).

BHS Virtual Sports Day 

Please click here to find out more!

Sports Day 2020 - Results and Records

Sports Day 2020 Video

Bungay High School Sports Day 2020 - Virtual Olympics - Download and see a full list of events, scoring system, videos of your teachers performing and how to enter. 

Virtual Sports Day 2020 - Scoring Sheet - print this sheet off 

Virtual Sports Day 2020 - Explanation - Brief Explanation with no PowerPoint

Year 6 Transition

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to Bungay High School. Despite the unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in, we are delighted to outline our Transition programme for Year 6 students. We have thought very carefully about the things that students and parents/carers would want to experience in the build up to the new academic year. You will find that through a variety of new approaches, the Transition programme for Year 6 students will provide an exciting and supportive introduction to Bungay High.

Please pay particular attention to the 'Communication options for the next 4 weeks' section in the letter so that you can let us know how you would like to 'meet' with us, either online or via a phone call. We are really looking forward to this!

Please click on the red links below to access documents and videos to support your child with transition:

  • Letter which outlines the Transition Events in the forthcoming weeks along with students' Houses. Please note, personalised letters have been sent to families.
  • Information Video for Parents/Carers and Students
  • Virtual Tour 1 created by students 
  • Virtual Tour 2 created by our SEND Team

Should you have any further questions, please find all contact details in the letter above.

Online Learning for Year 10 and Year 12
We will be enhancing our learning experience for Year 10 and Year 12 through the addition of a Tutor Group Discussion (week commencing 15/6/20) and then ongoing Online Subject Sessions (week commencing 22/6/20) for GCSE and A level subjects.

It is very important that you take time to read through the information below together. Please click on the red links to access the documents and video instructions: 

  1. Letter from Mr Goduti updating you on our school situation and the introduction of Online Subject Sessions. 

  2. Poster outlining the phases that you will need to understand. 

  3. Video Instructions to show you how to access Online Sessions.

  4. Step by Step Instructions to show you how to access Online Sessions.

  5. Expectations of students in Online Sessions.

  6. Year 12 Home Learning Timetable for June and July 2020.

  7. Online Safety Policy

Parents/Carers of Year 10/12 Students: Please ensure that you complete the consent form on ParentMail that has been emailed to you as soon as possible so that your child can access the online, 'live' sessions with their teachers and tutors.

Students: Your Tutors and Teachers will start inviting you from 15/6/20.  It is very important that you start checking your emails daily so that you can 'Accept' invitations to 'Join' the sessions. They may even start inviting you this week so start checking!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at school using the email address mail@bungayhigh.co.uk and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate individual to respond.

We are confident that through working together, we will make a real success of this approach. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

Home Learning from Tuesday 21 April 2020

From Tuesday 21 April, we will be taking a simpler and more structured approach to learning at home. For students in Year 7 -10 and 12, a timetable for learning will help to organise manageable amounts of work:

Teachers will continue to support via email. Please be patient with the time taken to respond. Please click here for email addresses. Please follow the learning activities on Show My Homework daily. If there are any problems with SMHW, please email Mr Gillett. If you do not have internet access, contact Miss Myers

Update to curriculum and uniform 

Information letter regarding curriculum and uniform update for September 2020

Older Messages and Further Support 

Update 22/5/2020

Please click on this link to read the school update letter sent from Mr Goduti on 22/5/2020. Within this message, there is also a link to a letter from our Trust, EAST.

EAST CEO New Appointment

EAST CEO role for Parents and Website

GCSE and A level Grading

Ofqual letter regarding summer 2020 examinations. Should you require any further information, this can be found on the Ofqual website.

Following the Ofqual and OCR updates on, Year 11 and 13 students should no longer submit work to their teachers for any subjects. There will also be no more work set for these classes.

After the Easter break, departments will set tasks for Year 11 that are designed to prepare students for Year 12 courses. They should complete the tasks that are set for the subjects they plan on studying next year.

We would encourage year 13 students who have applied to university to begin to undertake reading that is linked to their chosen course. Universities should be able to provide guidance on this, but school staff are also happy to support - please contact a teacher from the appropriate subject area(s).

Please could you refrain from contacting subject teachers regarding predicted grades, or the process that will be used to decide these. Any relevant updates on this process will be shared with all students, parents and carers in due course. 

School Trips

Summer trips (including Activities Days) have now been cancelled with the remaining few refunds being dealt with imminently. Parentmail will make the refund to the card or Paypal account that made the original payment - this should all happen within the next 10 days if not already completed.

Please check your Parentmail accounts for the refund email and your card/Paypal accounts for refunds. Emails can be sent to finance@bungayhigh.co.uk with queries.

Parents of students on the Ecuador trip have been contacted by Mr Shepstone. Please reply as a matter of urgency.

Key Workers

You should only send your child to school if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. The email to book this is lread@bungayhigh.co.uk A ‘Key Workers’ list is now available. Click here to view it. This must be booked no later than 12 noon the day before. 

Free School Meals

All parents/carers of students entitled to free school meals have been contacted by Leigh Read, Data Manager. Please ensure you have replied to this email so that we do not miss you. This support is now underway and we are also in the process of using the ‘Edenred’ government system. 


If you have any trouble with your password when accessing school emails, please contact Mr Hughes (mhughes@bungayhigh.co.uk) or Mr Richmond (lrichmond@bungayhigh.co.uk). For general queries, please use the usual mail@bungayhigh.co.uk address. 


Please find two attachments which will give you lots of online 'free reads'. Whether it is for the English Reading Challenge or quite simply for pleasure, please continue reading! Thank you, Mrs Kingston. Reading for Free and 50 Great Reads.


We will continue to keep you updated as further information becomes available. Please take care and continue to encourage your child to follow the advice provided on hygiene and social distancing.

Wishing you all good health during this difficult time.


Angelo Goduti


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