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Careers, Aspiration and Guidance

Careers Leader: Mr C Gillett. email: cgillett@bungayhigh.co.uk

Tel: 01986 892140 ext: 314

Our schools Aspirations Policy requires each student to investigate career pathways and develop a personal plan based on their assessments.

Aspirational and careers IAG is delivered through a programme that involves:

  • Early Bird Programme (Years 7 to 11 in 20 minute tutor time sessions every week)
  • Tutors and tutorial time
  • Personal, Social, Health, Education programme (PSHE)
  • Careers Week
  • Aim Higher activities
  • Work Related Learning/Work Experience (ASDAN /6th Form/H&S Care)
  • Independent Careers Advisor and Aspirations Coach interviews
  • Parents Evenings
  • Pathways Evening (Invited local educational & Business Providers)
  • Subject related careers advice in lessons
  • Year 10/11 Mock Interviews
  • Careers Library – situated at the top of the Library with College/Universities booklets and leaflets regularly updated.
  • Moodle ‘Careers Library Resources’ area – central resource with links to: Fast Tomato, ‘icouldbea’ and National Careers Service. All students are shown how to access the Careers Library on Moodle and looked at further during IT Early Bird sessions. Students can access this at home through Moodle  and a section for advice for parents is highlighted.

Careers Week

‘Careers Week’ initiative put in place every year which includes approx. 25 various speakers coming into school including former students from a range of business and organisations to inform Year 10 and Year 11 students of career paths and raise awareness of local employment.   Subject related occupations are discussed in lessons during this week by subject tutors.

Information for External Education and Training Providers

If you would like to gain access to our year 11 students to share information on courses we are unable to offer in our sixth form such as technical education qualifications and apprenticeships, then please contact the Aspiration Coach  via email  cmullender-scott@bungayhigh.co.uk or by phone on 01986892140.  We will be able to facilitate appropriate opportunities within timetable constraints.

How the school measures the impact of the careers programme on pupils

Every year the CIAG team complete the 'Compass' audit tool which gives us great insight into what has gone well and equally what we want to address in more depth.  A student survey is also completed to assess the student voice regarding careers, aspiration and guidance sessions and this informs the following years programme.  We complete a County tracking and benchmarking tool every other year as well as use the Gatsby Benchmarks as a reference to best practice.

Our impact is evaluated at the start of every academic year and the Aspirations Policy is reviewed thoroughly every 3 years.

Destination Data

In 2017 there were 182 students in year 11 made up of 89 females and 93 males.  At 1st November there were no students classed as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).  Therefore 100% cohort was in education, training or employment.


Destination Number of Students % of Students
Education/Study 166 91%
Apprenticeship/training 14 8%
Employment 2 1%