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Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral System

Here at Bungay High we believe that students can only achieve their full potential if they are well supported, both academically and socially. The Pastoral team is therefore integral to the success of our students and to the school as a whole, acting as a vital link between school staff, parents, carers and students.

We are quite a large school but we are organised into four houses, which effectively act like four families within the school community. Each student is assigned to a house and siblings will usually be in the same house so that parents and carers always have a consistent point of contact in the school.

Pupils feel safe. They conduct themselves impeccably about the school and cooperate well with one another. - Ofsted, 2016

Wyvern House

Mrs Coles (HOH)

Mrs Linford (AHoH)

01986 892140 Ext 140


Gryffin House

Mr Horne (HoH)

Mrs Linford (AHoH)

01986 892140 Ext 140

Phoenix House

Miss Mawson (HoH)

Mrs Williams (AHoH)

01968 892140 Ext 131

Pegasus House

Mr Stubbs (HoH)

Mrs Williams (AHoH)

01986 892140 Ext 131

Each house has a Head of House, Assistant Head of House and ten form tutors. The Head of House is a member of teaching staff who has the overall responsibility for the wellbeing and achievement of students in their house. They work closely with the Assistant Head of House (non-teaching) and ten form tutors to monitor attendance, progress, social issues and any other matters which could affect the ability of each student to be safe, happy and achieving within school.

We have ‘vertical’ tutor groups, meaning that there are about 5 students from each year group within each form. This system is invaluable in enabling our younger students to learn from the experience of older students and thereby to settle better into the high school environment. Vertical forms also help develop social responsibility among the school community so that the older students look out for the younger students in their form. This system runs across year 7 to year 10.   At the start of year 11 students are moved into tutor groups composed of year 11 students only.  This allows for more focused support for the build up to their examinations in the summer.

Vertical forms help develop social responsibility among the school community so that the older students look out for the younger students in their form.

Students meet with their form tutors every day for registration and will take part in a variety of form activities. These activities may include ERIC (Everyone Reading in Class), assemblies, Early Bird learning programmes, numeracy and literacy tasks, discussing issues to be raised at school council and form quizzes. Each

One of the most important aspects of the role of our form tutors is to monitor the progress of the students in their tutor groups. Tutors will sit with each student to go through their reports, discussing areas of strength and areas for development before setting targets. Tutors will contact parents/carers to communicate the outcomes of these discussions and share the targets that have been set.

We promote a healthy level of competition between the forms and the houses for curriculum credits, attendance and sports trophies, among other things. We also promote collective responsibility for our school so that over the year each form takes a turn with litter duty and each form also takes a turn putting out chairs for assemblies.

Every member of the pastoral team is there to provide social, emotional and academic support when needed. We are there to listen, encourage, reassure and advise and to enable every student to get the most out of their time at high school. The teenage years can be hard to navigate for some, and for most there will be times when additional support is needed – if you have any concerns about issues which may affect your son or daughter in school a call to their house office is the best way to start finding a solution.

It is the dedicated care and support given to all students by the pastoral team, working in partnership with parents and carers that enables our young people to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


Here at Bungay High we want all of our students to feel safe and happy, however, we do recognise that occasionally some students may experience conflict or social difficulties with their peers. These difficulties may not necessarily be classed as bullying, which is defined as

‘..Unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time’


However, it is important that students and families report any concerns via the button on our website home page or via their House Office, so that we can work together to resolve the issues. We do not tolerate bullying of any sort and we will always deal with any reported bullying incident in a timely and sensitive way.