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School Transport

Bungay High School Transport timetable - 2nd September 2019


Service 524 to Bungay High School - 29th March 2019

524 Timetable April 2019 to Bungay High.pdf

First Bus - Bungay High School Letter 20th March 2019

First buses to Bungay High School April 2019

First Bus - Bungay High School Letter 12th March 2019

First buses to Bungay High School Letter April 2019.pdf

Transport update 12th March 2019

All parents of students who plan to use SCC home to school transport need to go online and opt-in for transport by 31st May using the following link. Without this, bus passes wont be issued. This now needs to be done every year to apply for your place on a school bus. This does not apply to students who use the Lamberts BH001 and 002 buses, as these are arranged by the school directly.


Transport Letter 8th March 2019


Suffolk County Council have now confirmed the following changes to our bus services: 26th February 2019


  • BH272 with Konectbus will finish on Friday 29th March. Refunds for existing fare payers will need to be obtained
  • From Monday 1st April  this route will be replaced with First bus and renumbered 99A and it will start in Southwold, rather than as now in Blythburgh. We will issue a new timetable in due course.
  • The current BH925 will show as a 99H on the First timetable. We may renumber our version from September 2019 when other changes may occur and then issues new passes.

Please note that both the 99A and 99H are public bus services to allow fare payers.

Service changes are on the First website


  • Service 90 with Konectbus will finish for the school on Friday 5th April (the last day of service is Saturday 20th April).  Refunds required for this service as above for BH272. When you return after the Easter Holiday on Wednesday 24th April the service will be operated by Border Bus with route 524 with the same times, more details to follow.


UPDATE 11th February 2019

88 Wooton, Porlingland, Norwich

We have received the following form the operators of the 88 bus to Norwich 8th February:

As you are aware the current Konectbus routes that serve Bungay High school will be withdrawn during March and April. 

We have undertook a review of the Norwich to Bungay section of the 88 route to establish what the loading's are to your school. This section of the 88 will be withdrawn on the 1st March.

We are happy to look at the possibility of providing a closed contract bus for the remainder of term if the demand is there for the route between Norwich and villages to Bungay. 

If you are planning to use this route please contact me so that I can try to get this service continued, or make other arrangements for you.

Thank you

Lynn Eldrett, School Business Manager 01986 891641


School Transport from Blythburgh/Wenhaston/Blyford/Holton (BH272) and Southwold/Reydon/Stoven/Bramton/Sadingfield/Weston (90)

BH 272

Parents and Students using the BH272 bus route may have heard that Konectbus will no longer be providing this service from 5th April. This service is run by Suffolk County Council as part of their education transport provision for students, and it will continue to operate but not with Konectbus. SCC advise they are in discussion with other operators at the moment and will be in touch to advise the arrangements for summer term as soon as their negotiations are complete. The service will continue to be free to all current students, and all new students to the school next year in years 8 to 11.

Parents of some Year 7 students, in areas where Bungay High is not their nearest school but who plan to use this bus, will have been contacted by SCC regarding the changes for September 2019, and will have met with the Headteacher and Business Manager at Bungay about this. If you are new to the area or haven't yet spoken to us, please contact Lynn Eldrett, Business Manager at the school,  on 01986 891641 or emailleldrett@bungayhigh.co.uk.

If you are planning to join our VI Form next year and want to use this bus, we would be grateful if you could let the school know for our planning purposes. We operate a Bursary system which enables many students to get full reimbursement of transport costs, and offers a subsidy to the majority so please contact us for details.


Konectbus also plan to end this service from 20th April. Again, this contract is mainly paid for and run by SCC and they are speaking to other bus companies to replace the service so we will be in touch regarding this as soon as possible. Please contact the school on the above number if you have any queries in the meantime. If your son/daughter currently pays to use this service, please let the school know to help with our planning.

Harleston to Bungay High School

As of September 2018 please click here.


Please see the Simonds website below for further details.

Links below:


If you will be using this service and would like the school to keep you up to date with any changes please email ledrett@bungayhigh.co.uk

Transport for Lower School Students (Years 7 to 11)

Suffolk County Council will provide transport for children of statutory school age who attend their nearest, or Transport Priority area school if the home to school distance is two miles or more, for children under eight, or three miles or more for children of 8 years or more.

If you qualify for free to home school transport the Council will contact you before the start of the school term in September about how to apply for a travel pass
In addition, under the terms of the Education and Inspections Act 2006, free home-to-school transport will be made available to pupils aged 11 to 16, who are in statutory education and whose family is on low income (in receipt of free school meals or the maximum level of working tax credits). They will qualify for free transport to any one of the three nearest suitable schools where the distance from their home is between 2 and 6 miles.

For further information on school transport:

Call: 03456 066 173

It should be noted that bus passes are not transferable – they can only be used to travel on the specific bus named on the pass.

Students Who do not Live in Our Catchment Area

Lamberts Coaches operate 2 coaches covering Lowestoft and surrounding area. If you would like to apply for a place on one of these buses please contact Lamberts Coaches. Queries and payments should be made direct to Lamberts on 01502 717579 or bhstransport@lambertscoaches.co.uk alternatively you can email the school at transport@bungayhigh.co.uk . The timetables from September 2019 are:-

BU001 Stop and estimated pick up time 

7.35 Wrentham Bus Stop

7.41 London Road Bus Stop Kessingland

7.44 Pakefield Primary School

7.48 London Rd Sth (Opp Tramways)

7.50 Opp Carlton Pub (Just into Avenues)

7.52 Opp Fighting Cocks

7.55 Westwood Avenue Shops

8.00 Carlton Colville Rainbow

8.06 Garden Lane Worlingham

8.10 Hillside Avenue Ellough Road End

8.15 Peddars Lane

8.20 Beccles Hospital

8.25 Shipmeadow Mews

BU002 Stop and estimated pick up time

7.35 Oulton Broad North Railways Station

7.38 North Lowestoft Fire Station Bus Stop

7.43 St Peters Street (Winnipeg Rd)

7.50 Bus Stop Opp Asda Horn Hill

7.52 School Rd

7.55 End of Dixon Drive / Colville Rd

8.00 Ribblesdale

8.02 Castleton Avenue

8.15 Gillingham Opp Emmas Hair Salon

8.20 Geldeston Wherry

8.25 Kirby Cane Church Road, Opp Old Yarmouth Rd Junction

Please click on the following links for up to date information including delays on the Lowestoft Buses:



Southwold / Reydon / Wrentham / Wangford

Many parents who live in the Southwold area take advantage of the public service run by Anglian Coaches. This service is generally known as the 88 and 88B.
The routes of these two buses vary slightly in order to be convenient for the maximum number of students.

Parents pay Anglian directly for transport on these buses, either for each individual journey or by purchasing a termly or annual pass.


Students who live in the Beccles area can apply for a place on the Lambert’s Lowestoft coaches or use the Anglian Public Service Bus.

Eearsham / Harleston / Diss

Many students who live in these areas use the Anglian 80 public service routes.

Additional public transport route to Halesworth

The 88 Anglian bus route to Halesworth is used daily by a number of Sixth Formers and occasionally by other students as an alternative if they miss their usual bus or want to travel home later. The usual bus stop for the route is at the bottom of Kings Road. However, in order to help us, the 5.18 pm service takes a detour through our site for the convenience of our students who have stayed at school to do after-school activities. (We sometimes refer to this as the “late bus to Halesworth”).


Suffolk County Council provide a subsidised transport scheme for students aged 16 to 19 years old in full time education. This is known as the Post-16 Travel policy.

The current policy in Suffolk offers post-16 travel assistance to students who:

  • Attend either their nearest school sixth form or post 16 centre
  • Are studying in year 12 or 13 but are under 19 years old (or are completing a course that started prior to their 19th birthday)
  • Are undertaking an approved full-time course of further education
  • Are resident in Suffolk
  • Live at least 3 miles from their nearest school sixth form or post 16 centre they wish to attend*

*The only exception to this is if the student is studying something specific that can’t be studied at their nearest school sixth for or post 16 centre.

This will be need to be verified by the Passenger Transport team.

For further information on the Post-16 Travel Policy and to lodge an application: