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Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Bungay High School Covid 19 Risk Assessment

This document has been worked on by the Senior Leadership Team since the Pandemic began in March.  It is a workable document which is subject to change as government guidance evolves and is updated. Link to the document.

Mass asymptomatic testing in schools

'Bungay High School 'Testing' Risk Assessment'

BHS Covid Contingency Plan 10th September

BHS Covid Contingency Plan 2021-22

Face Masks

Following the recent announcements regarding face masks, Bungay High School has decided that all students and staff must bring an appropriate face mask to school (with a plastic bag to keep it in) daily.  It is important to appreciate that we are all doing our very best to ensure that we make the right decisions in the circumstances. There will be differing views of the school's approach to face masks which is completely understandable. However, in our school community, we have decided that the following approach is most appropriate.  As the term progresses, we will continue to review and amend our approach where necessary.  Your full support, as ever, in these challenging times is appreciated. The following link is a copy of our face mask risk assessment. 

We have tried to keep the advice on this straightforward and clear: 

  1. Face masks are compulsory at Bungay High School for everyone in indoor, communal areas except when eating (this includes corridors, wet break rooms and queuing for food).

  2. Parents / Carers of students who cannot wear face masks for medical reasons will need to contact the House Teams to make suitable arrangements for communicating this to staff.

  3. Face masks with inappropriate designs will be confiscated from students and returned at the end of the day. A disposal face mask will be given to the student for the day.