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Deaf Resource Base

Bungay High School provides a safe, secure and positive environment in which every young person can enjoy, learn and achieve. Our Deaf Resource Base aims to ensure that deaf students have equal access to all areas of the curriculum.

They are supported in this aim by:

Christine Lall – Teacher of the Deaf (Suffolk County Council)

Malcolm Sinclair - Teacher of the Deaf (Norfolk County Council)

Andrea Dunford – Trainee Teacher of the Deaf

View the Aims and Focus of our Deaf Resource Base

Outreach Services for Deaf Children and Young People – Specification

National Deaf Children’s Society Quality Standards

Policy for Use of Radio Aids at Bungay High School

To ensure that we work effectively to support students with special and additional educational needs and disabilities we work within the frameworks of key legislation and guidance. 


  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005
  • Equality Act 2010
  • SEN Code of Practice: 0-25 Statutory Guidance January 2015
  • Children & Families Act 2014 (encompassing the SEND Code of Practice)
  • Supporting Students at School with Medical Conditions – Statutory guidance for governing bodies of maintained schools and proprietors of academies in England. December 2015
  • National Deaf Children’s Society Quality Standards: Resource provisions for deaf children and young people in mainstream schools. Updated 2020.



  • To maintain an inclusive school environment with a positive attitude to deafness in the school and good communication between Teachers of the Deaf, interpreters and mainstream staff.
  • To ensure that every deaf young person is treated as an individual, their needs are considered on an individual basis, their achievements are celebrated and individual areas of difficulty are supported and monitored.
  • To ensure that our deaf students have equal access to all areas of the curriculum by adapting support to the individual needs of the deaf student, and dependent on the deaf student’s needs during that particular subject or lesson.
  • For the Teacher of the Deaf to provide specialist support and advice to mainstream teachers and teaching assistants to ensure effective teaching and learning of deaf students so that pupils make good progress and the attainment gap is narrowed.
  • To ensure that all staff members have high expectations for all deaf students and there is a strong focus on raising attainment.
  • To enable deaf students to participate in school clubs, educational visits and activities, as well as being given an equal opportunity to take on roles of responsibility and contribute to decision making in school.
  • For our deaf students to develop good personal safety skills and independent living skills, with the safeguarding policies and practices of the school meeting the needs of the deaf young people.
  • To enable deaf students to develop age appropriate social skills, have good levels of self-esteem and confidence and develop a positive self-identity.


We aim to promote the full potential of all our deaf students by ensuring that deaf awareness training is ongoing through regular communication between mainstream staff, teaching assistants, Teachers of the Deaf and interpreters.

British Sign Language (BSL) Club

This term. we started a British Sign Language (BSL) Club. The purpose of this is to spread awareness of BSL. We have a qualified BSL tutor, and the Club will start out by learning the alphabet. As time goes by, the students can develop their vocabulary with greeting signs etc. Would you like to learn BSL, the clearly beautiful language? Go to the LSR every Tuesday from 1pm to the end of lunchtime. Everyone is welcome!


Lean on Me


British Sign Language Act

DID YOU KNOW that the British Sign Language Act means that BSL is now a recognised language in its own right in England, Scotland and Wales?

DID YOU KNOW that the BSL Act will transform the lives of deaf people?

It will help reduce barriers faced by deaf people in their daily lives.

This is an important move towards accessibility, inclusivity and equal access to information for all!

To read more click the following Link


Norfolk Deaf Festival

As you may know, the Norfolk Deaf Festival is coming up on Friday the 8th of July and Saturday the 9th of July. If you would link more information on the event please click on the following Link which will take you to their website.