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Immunisation Programme

We currently work in collaboration with the East Anglian Community and School Age Immunisation Service who visit the school as part of the school’s immunisation programme.

The team consists of experienced qualified nurses and administrators who deliver the vaccinations within the school environment.

You and your child will be provided with information about forthcoming vaccinations by being given information leaflets and consent forms which will need completing online.

On the day of the vaccination please ensure that your child has something to eat and drink before to coming to school and wears either a short-sleeved shirt or a vest under their shirt.

The consent form must be signed, by a parent or guardian with parental consent, and returned to school. No vaccination can take place without a signed consent form.

The vaccinations will then take place within a suitable school venue in a calm and supportive environment.

Where a consent form has not been completed, the school and nursing team will try to contact you on the day for consent for your child.

Information regarding the schools vaccination programme can be found here: NHS Immunisations at Secondary School

The Suffolk website for more information can be found here Suffolk School Age Immunisation Service or can be contacted via hct.csaissuffolk@nhs.net

The planned immunisation schedule for 2023 - 2024 is:

October 11th and 12th 2023 – Flu vaccinations with catch-up vaccinations on 10th November 2023

February 29th 2024 – Year 9 DTP and MenACWY

May 1st 2024 – Year 8 DTP and MenAWCWY