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BHS Revision Approach – The 3 

At Bungay High School, based upon current educational research we have introduced a revision approach encouraging pupils to utilise ‘The 3’ revision techniques of Flashcards, Self-Quizzing and Knowledge Drops. We have focused upon using these techniques to ‘retrieve’ the learning already completed in lessons. Retrieval of knowledge and skills is suggested to be an excellent way to revise. In addition, pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13 have weekly Tutor sessions using these techniques. 

For further information on ‘The 3’, click on the links below. 

“Imagine a world in which every student knows not just what to revise but how…”

Revision - Flashcards

Revision - Knowledge Drops

Revision - Self-Quizzes

Revision - What is Retrieval

Revision Techniques Keys to Success