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Parent Partnership

Parental Engagement and Partnership

Parents play a vital role in education. When parents are engaged and involved, everyone benefits – students, parents, families, teachers, the school and community – and our school if enriched as a positive place to teach, learn and develop.

Parents care about their children’s education and want to be involved. They want their children to succeed in school and are willing to help in as many ways as possible. Commitment to our students’ well-being and achievement is the driving force behind everything we do in school. Everyone (parents, families, teachers, support staff and Governors) shares this firm commitment.

Commitment to our students’ well-being and achievement is the driving force behind everything we do in school.

A true partnership takes sustained and intentional efforts on the part of all partners. While some parents can find it challenging to play an active role in their children’s education, it is important to meet this challenge so that students at Bungay High School have the support they need in order to be successful in school and in later life.

Our aim is to identify and break down barriers to parental involvement and proactively reach out to parents. With work schedules, outside commitments and individual preference, it helps parents to have choices about how they want to be involved. Strategies need to be flexible, recognising the diversity of our parents and their contributions.


Parental engagement has a positive impact on student achievement. At Bungay High School, students are supported and inspired to learn in a culture of high expectations in which parents;

  • are welcomed, respected and valued as partners by the school community in their children’s learning and development.
  • have a full range of choices and opportunities to enable them to be involved and support student success.
  • are engaged through on-going communication and dialogue to support a positive learning environment at home and at school.
  • are supported with tools which enable them to participate in school life and in their children’s learning.

Strategies for Success

The following key strategies are designed to support parents as partners so that parents have the opportunity – and the skills, knowledge and tools – to engage with the school in supporting the achievement of our students.

  • Foster and sustain a positive, welcoming school climate in which all parent perspectives are encouraged, valued and heard.
  • Ensure that parents are fully informed about their children’s educational targets and progress.
  • Help parents support student learning at home and at school by enabling them to access homework via ‘Show my homework‘ and providing full curriculum information via Moodle.
  • Review and expand communication and outreach strategies such as information evenings, workshops, presentations, tools, resources, and strategies to support learning in order to fully involve parents in their children’s learning.
  • Develop and sustain the role of the ‘Friends of BHS’ in supporting the school through fundraising and acting as the ‘parental voice’ in the school.