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School Closures

Very occasionally, it has been necessary to close the school because of the weather, particularly high winds and excessive snow.

The responsibility for the closure of the school rests with the Headteacher and notice of such closure would be broadcast on the radio.

Students feel safe in school and safeguarding procedures are effective. - Ofsted, 2014

as follows:

  • Radio Suffolk, 103.9 or 104.6 FM (updates every 20 minutes or as they come in)
  • Radio Norfolk, 8.55 AM 95.1, 95.6 or 104.4 FM (updates every 20 minutes)
  • Heart FM, 96.4, 97.1 or 102.4 FM (updates every 15-30 minutes)
  • The Beach 97.4 or 103.4 FM (updates every hour)

Updates will be posted on our website: www.bungayhigh.co.uk and via our Twitter feed @BHS_Academy

If it becomes necessary to close the school during the working day, because of severe weather or any other cause,

the following steps will be taken:

1. Suffolk County Council’s Transport Department, the operators of school transport and the operators of public service bus routes used by our students will be informed. Transport operators will be asked to attend as soon as possible. All students will be cared for until the appropriate buses arrive, at which time they will leave in their usual bus or in accordance with any alternative arrangement made by the Local Authority’s Transport Department.

2. The radio stations will be asked to give out the information that the school is closing and the time at which it is closing.

3. The students will be informed that the school is closing and that they should follow the instructions that parents have given them in advance about what to do if the school closes.

It is anticipated that this would be one of the following:

  • Go home;
  • Go to a friend’s house;
  • Go to the home of a relative/neighbour.

An exit register will be taken and each student will be asked to sign to confirm where their parents have instructed them to go.

I should be grateful, therefore, if you would talk with your son/daughter about exactly what you would wish them to do if an unexpected school closure is forced upon us this winter.

External Exams

Contingency plans in case of bad weather

In the event of bad weather, up to date information on whether or not exams will take place will be posted on the school website in the Exam Centre section. Students should also check their school email as a message will be sent regarding exam arrangements for any days when there may be problems getting to school or in the event of the school being closed.

Tom Dyer (Exams Officer) can be contacted;