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Bungay High School is committed to promoting the physical and psychological wellbeing of students and ensuring their safety. Please use the links below to view our school policies and guidance for Parents/Carers in relation to safeguarding issues.

We are committed to the following principles and practices of child protection:

  • Safety and welfare are paramount.
  • All staff working at Bungay High School carry responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people.

We will act in ways that facilitate the development of good practice by:

  • Preventing abuse through safe recruitment policies and the provision of safe and secure environments for learning.
  • Creating supportive environments, which enables young people to be able to speak out.
  • Ensuring that all staff have access to appropriate levels of information, instruction and training to ensure that the policies, practices and procedures used at the school are understood by all.

The list below shows the Safeguarding Team within the school.

Meet the Safeguarding Team


Mark Considine

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Designated Teacher for Children in Care


Amanda Eaton

Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead


Cheryl Moore

Alternate Safeguarding Lead


Michelle Carnwell

Alternate Safeguarding Lead


Samantha Cook

Alternate Safeguarding Lead


Sophie Mawson

Alternate Safeguarding Lead


Lindsey Williams

Alternate Safeguarding Lead

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